Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth & Biography

Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth & Biography

Nathaniel Bassey is a popularly Nigeria gospel singer, music minister and producer. He is among the most skilled gospel vocalists in Nigeria with a great deal of grants and acknowledgment to his name. This article catches Nathaniel Bassey life story and other fascinating realities about him

Nathaniel Bassey Profile Overview


Real Name: Nathaniel Bassey
Birthday: August 27th, 1978
Age: 42 years
Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5ft 7in
Occupation: Singer, Producer, Performer, Song writer
Years Active: 2003-Present
Net Worth: $950,000 (N367,080,000)
Partner(s): Sarah Bassey
Death-O-Meter: Alive

Nathaniel Bassey was born in the year 1978 in Lagos to his Akwa Ibom State guardians, Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Joseph Bassey. He hails from Ikot Ofon in Ikono neighborhood government region, Akwa Ibom State. He was cultivated in a functioning Christian home inside the missional church.

As a youthful uprising start, he wanted to take his music to the following level and was propelled by numerous musicians, as any semblance of Dr. Panam Percy Paul. He cherished jazz music and burned through a large portion of his initial days playing to the music of Louis Armstrong, Charles Parker, Hugh Masekela and numerous other Jazz illuminating presences.

At a certain point he collaborated with a gathering of companions to frame a music gathering. Numerous years after the fact he ventured out to Lagos Nigeria where he joined the Jazz group of four, Spectrum 4. Nathaniel Bassey is known to have contacted numerous lives with his spirit moving jazz music.

Nathaniel Bassey Educational Background

Nathaniel Bassey at first started his tertiary education at the University of Lagos in the division of Urban and Regional Planning. Yet, at that point he got confirmation in the University of London, and it was at this college that he contemplated Politics and International Relations.

Nathaniel Bassey Music Career

Nathaniel from onset loved playing and singing to jazz music. In this manner he formally started his profession by copying and playing to the songs of Louis Armstrong, Kirk Whalum, Phis Driscoll, Miles Davis and others. This was most communicated when he joined the gathering, Spectrum Four, in Lagos.

Numerous years after the fact Nathaniel got a proposal from a regarded Nigerian jazz symbol, Elder Steve Rhodes to join the Steve Rhodes Orchestra. He was with them for around two years while singing as a bandleader. After certain years he left this music gathering to concentrate on his performance profession. What’s more, inside only a couple of years he had the option to take his one of a kind trumpeting style to the following level having a great deal of joint effort with top performers and arrangers inside and outside Nigeria, for example, the American International School, Yinka Davies, Wole Oni, Ayo Bankole, Paul Peterson, Peter King, Teemac and numerous others.

Nathaniel had the option to accomplish a lot more with his music inside these years, that when he served under the tutor boat and direction generally minister Eskor Mfon of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he had just started to cause a ripple effect.

In spite of the fact that his music vocation has not been a simple excursion, Nathaniel has gone to numerous spots notwithstanding the punches and sneers from loved ones the same. To additionally develop his insight into music, he went to music courses all through Nigeria including the Middlesex University Summer School UK. This was perhaps the best thing he did that made him a great deal more as a Trumpet and soul artist. He forms his songs and is the sole producer of his music, he has additionally made various records and albums with a wide range of musicians too.

Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth & Biography
Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth & Biography

In 2008, he  recorded his debut album “Elohim” at Cape Town, South Africa. Nathaniel Bassey grapples a Christian program called “The Hallelujah challenge”, a thirty-day 12 PM petition and acclaim meeting held online by means of Facebook and Instagram which permitted watchers to associate inside the long stretches of 12 to 1 am every day all through June. The program began in June 2017 and is expected to be held yearly in June.

Nathaniel Bassey Family Life

Nathaniel Bassey is married to Sarah Bassey, and the family is blessed with two children.

Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth

Nathaniel Bassey net worth is estimated $950,000.

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