Dorathy Net Worth & Biography


Dorathy Bachor is a 24 year old entrepreneur from Delta State of the South Southern region of Nigeria. She popular known as the house mate with the biggest boobs.  she believes that  she is the  only one who can make you smile. Since her introduction into the house, she has kept trending till now.

Dorathy Profile Overview

Real Name: Dorathy Bachor
Birthday: 30th January, 1996
Age: 24 Years
Place of Birth: Delta State -Nigeria
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5ft 0in
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Years Active: 2020–present
Net Worth: $50,000  (N19,375,490)
Partner(s): Single
Death-O-Meter: Alive

Dorathy Biography & Career

Dorathy Bachor is a 24-year-old entrepreneur from Lagos. She believes she is the only one who should make you smile. Her sassiness will definitely prove to be an asset in Biggie’s house. Dorothy Bachorsays she doesn’t vibe with proud people. The 24-year old entrepreneur says she will be causing wahala in the house. She however says she is mainly interested in the money but will also be shooting her shot in the house.


When Dorathy Bachor appeared on our screens she left jaws hanging. Not only has her personality so far been sassy and friendly, but her giant ‘melons’ have got a lot of people glued to their screens. The 24-year-old entrepreneur from Lagos who believes ‘she is the only one who should make you smile’ appears to be doing just that as fans – mostly the menfolk – are already setting their tents in Camp Dorothy. gathered that from her video recordings at the hotel where the housemates were housed, up to now in the house, the soon-to-be famous star had a lot of people buzzing with anticipation, albeit for various reasons.

Dorathy Facts

When Dorathy was asked What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown?, She said “I can sleep for more than four hours. I also discovered the ability to adjust to a new environment quickly”. When she was asked what are your words to live by? She continued that “never let anyone see that they get to you”. When it came to the question of what’s your biggest achievement? Dorathy smiled and  she said she  her biggest achievement is SHOPFORME – a Nigerian based company that aids quick shopping and it is also the biggest procurement company in Nigeria.

Dorathy Net Worth

Just like other members in the house, it so difficult to say exactly what Dorathy’s net worth is, but due to the fact that is always ahead of others, we got to gather a little about her finance and discovered that her net worth could be estimated at $50,000 as she recorded   in her achivement of SHOPFORME.

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